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Our newest L’Oreal ID Artist! 13590377_10157099638190557_3714263219426060075_n

As some of you may have heard, Cerys is now a fully fledged member of the L’Oreal Professionnel ID Team! This is a huge achievement for Cerys and we couldn’t be prouder. We can’t wait to see the opportunities that being an ID Artist will bring!

I sat down and had a chat with Cerys to find out a bit more about what it means to be a L’Oreal ID Artist and how she felt about it all.

So Cerys, tell me about the process of getting your place on the team.

Were you given a brief for the audition and how long did you have to prepare? 

I was given a brief to interpret, the task was to create a look inspired by this year’s key trends including hair, makeup and an outfit. I also had to create a moodboard that reflected both the trend and the final look. I was asked to prepare a three minute presentation about myself and the look that I’d created.

I had two weeks preparation time but I was on holiday during the run up so I was panicking a little bit. I tried to get as much as possible done before I went away so I had minimal things to worry about while I was away.

What are the key trends for Autumn/Winter 2016 and how did you decide which to focus on? 

So the key trends are Fools Gold, Elemental, Offbeat and Artisan. I started on Pinterest, which I feel is like the ideas oracle, and researched each of the trends. I decided that the Elemental trend was the one that I could most relate to. I really liked the contemporary, Scandinavian feel of it.13592784_10154369252748953_7368934130793390886_n

How did you go about creating your moodboard?

After doing my initial research on Pinterest I looked at other work that people had created based on the trend, looking at fashion, architecture, art and hair. From there I created my moodboard, I wanted it to reflect the trend and so I kept it clean and textured with everything in the centre.

How would you describe the Elemental trend?

Elemental is all about mineral textures, it’s a very contemporary trend that focuses on rock, woven, and cloudlike textures of a really pale palette. It’s a very cool, cold trend with an undiscovered feel.

How did you decide on the look for your model?

I like to go with my gut feelings. I tend to make decisions because they feel right and I don’t often like to change my mind once I’ve made a decision. It was a big Bang family affair, my model Tansi is Mariah’s younger sister and Marie did an amazing job on her makeup. I had the idea for Tansi’s hair right away and I didn’t stray from that initial idea, I saw it through to the end.

Were you worrying about the auditions while you were on holiday?

Not really! The only thing I had to do was order the outfit for my model and I did that by the pool in 30 degree heat, it was all fairly relaxed. I was pretty calm and just secretly hoping that everything would come together on the day.13615013_10154369253008953_3837849962929068407_n

Sounds like you had everything pretty together, tell me about the actual audition.

So I did my model Tansi’s colour on the Monday before the audition. Incredibly her dress fit perfectly, her hair went exactly as planned and there was no real stress at all. I was anxious on the day and I couldn’t keep still, I was pacing around like a madwoman.

The audition was in Leeds at the L’Oreal Academy. When we arrived we had to do an unexpected skills test which was different depending on whether you’d applied to be a Session ID Artist or Colour ID Artist. I applied to be on the Session Styling Team, which involves cutting and styling. I was given a training head and had four minutes to show both a ponytail and braid.

Did the unexpected skills test panic you?

It was a pressurised situation but I just focused on my raw skills and natural talents and felt I did a good job. After the test I had to wait 30 minutes for my actual audition which was torture.13607031_10157099670500557_7679567620171067297_n

Once I was called in it was like an X Factor audition. I had to stand in front of the three judges and mount my moodboard for them to see. The judges were really nice and made me feel really comfortable, they understand it’s a nerve wracking experience and they really put me at ease.

How did your presentation go?

It went really well, it felt really natural and the judges seemed engaged in what I was saying. I was a lot more composed than expected, I thought I might get a case of verbal acheter sildenafil 100mg vega diarrhoea but everything went smoothly.

And did you get feedback right away?

The judges inspect the model’s hair and then each judge gives feedback and makes their decision one by one; you need a majority decision to make it onto the shortlist. Two of the judges said they were so engaged in my presentation that they forgot to make notes, which I took as a huge compliment.

I got three resounding yes’s and left the room feeling good but nervous that I wouldn’t make it past the shortlist.13590351_10157099673230557_6605728121087202001_n

So when did you find out that you’d been chosen?

I found out on Friday. I’d expected to wait longer so I was shocked I heard from L’Oreal so soon. Everyone crowded round the phone to hear the good news, they were all really excited and Sarah even cried.

I told my boyfriend Luke straight away, he’d supported me throughout the whole process and then I told my parents. They were super proud; living in Exeter they don’t get to see what I do on a day to day basis so it was amazing to be able to share this with them.

I bet they were incredibly proud. What’s the next step now?

I’ll be an ID Artist for the next two years, there’s 32 of us in total – 16 for colour and 16 for styling. They took four people from each audition process, and there were 8 audition processes in total. We’re all going to meet up in London or Manchester in the next m13528518_10154369039553953_8742334972615512024_oonth or so which I can’t wait for.

What does being an ID Artist mean for you?

L’Oreal ID is a two year development programme. You do a lot of self development, you share skills with others and discover your own individual style. Networking is so important, I’ll be working with some of the most promising names in the industry which I’m really excited about.

It was a massive confidence boost getting on the team. I sometimes struggle with self belief and this was just the thing to confirm my ability and shake off some of my doubts and insecurities.

It’ll also really help in my day to day salon work. It might not affect my work with my clients immediately but working closely with L’Oreal I’ll be one of the first people to hear about new techniques and trends which I can bring back to the salon.

To book in with our green haired superstar give us a ring on 01904620000!

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